Dieting for losing extra weight


So you’ve decided to lose your extra weight so that you can live a healthy life with sound mind and body. First thing you need to do is to follow a dietary plan which can lead you lose extra weight day by day avoiding any stress on your body and mind. Before starting a diet plan you need to consult a medical professional whether you have any unknown physical problem which is not supporting to a dietary plan. If you’re alright then you need to determine that you’re going to do a hard job. Anything can be achieved in life with firm determinations and sticking to the things lead to the success.



What dieting means

We know that dieting means we should take nutritious but low calorie foods every day in a planned way. If you are a person requires an average of 2000 calorie daily diet then you can lower it to 1800 calorie daily. Reducing maximum 200 calorie daily will not affect your body function. You have to monitor your weight day to day or weekly basis. In dieting, we mainly reduce intake of carbs. So, we shouldn’t take foods those hold high carbs. But we can’t totally exclude carbs from our daily diet intake. Reducing carbs we can increase intake vegetables and fruits. Some fruits such as banana takes extended time to be metabolized. It also gives a feeling of your stomach full with foods. We should take enough water daily as well as fruits those are full of water. Water melon and pine-apple are good sources of natural water.



Successful dieting needs extended physical activities

No dieting plan can be successful if you don’t do your daily physical exercise. Routinely exercise will help you a lot to lose your extra weight steadily. Running a mile, walking 30 minutes a day, light weight lifting are the best ways of exercise.

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