Use provillus for effective hair regrowth

Cover your bald scalp with newly grown hairs

Provillus’s most active ingredient is minoxidil which is clinically approved for treatment of hair loss. It has other ingredients too such as natural herbs, minerals and vitamins. Provillus can be applied twice a day to the most affected parts of your head. After a couple of weeks you’ll find a tremendous results on your scalp. The company has produced two types of provillus for the men and for the women. Do not use the same product specified for other gender. Provillus is sprayed right to site where hair regrowth is needed.  Minixidil was primarily used to treat only blood pressure patients. The side effect was regrowth hair in the bald areas of the scalp. Thus the hair regrowth formula discovered.

There is no serious side effects in using provillus but do not use more than indicated. Provillus is available for both genders. It works nicely on both.

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