I gave up smoking in my life

Your will is enough to give up smoking 

I don’t know the date I started smoking but I started earlier than one do. My father was my mentor. He was an almost chain smoker. I got the inspiration from him. There were people everywhere I spent my life smokers. My first practice was with dried piece of crawling tree such as gourd or pumpkin. After that I started with my father’s smoked fag ends of cigarettes. After these practices I became a full smoker within months.

Few years later my father died of cancer in his fifties. My smoking didn’t stop. I carried on until I realize that this is a devastating bad habit. It ruins money, health and environment. Nonsmoker family people are affected as passive smokers. There is no doubt that tobacco is poison. It causes various health hazards. I noticed data of government’s collections of money from the tobacco sector. That is lesser than the government spend money to the tobacco affected people each year. There is no direct direction in the religions about the tobacco uses. I think in every religion there is a saying that that is forbidden which is harmful to human health and the society as well. This is a suicidal habit. In all consideration, one day I gave up smoking. This is one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life.  Now I’m fine. I don’t cough in the midnight as bronchitis people do. I do not pan after doing hard physical works. Now I live with improved self-confidence. Confidence that I can do anything I wish good or hard. I don’t count the saved money but I know this is no meagre than other people or relatives do.    

By the way, I had a great thirsty for the benson and hedges and 555 of England. 555 was my best choice for its outstanding flavor.

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